Print Collateral

Print Collateral

Thoughtfully Magazine Postcard

An enticing postcard that sparked customers' expectancy for the first issue of Thoughtfully Magazine.

THMS Arts Adventures

Furious Flower Poetry Center + Thomas Harrison Middle School

Created marketing collateral, a poster and a smaller flyer, for the Thomas Harrison Middle School's Arts Adventures. The Art's Adventures is a series of weeks in which the school allows students to participate in a variety of creative, after-school workshops and eventually display their work in a final arts exhibition and poetry slam. 


This infographic explores the current state of girls' education in the developing world and how it impacts them, as well as the communities around them.

"When you educate a girl...everything changes."

Dawn Lundy Martin Poetry Reading

Furious Flower Poetry Center

Created multiple posters and flyers for the Furious Flower Poetry Center's poetry readings.  

Boarding Pass Re-design

Delta boarding pass re-design for class. The re-design uses color, proximity, and visual hierarchy  guide customers' eyes and help them find necessary information with ease, all while providing more visual interest. 

Various Promotions

Divine Unity Community Church

Designed and created a variety of engaging marketing collateral for Divine Unity Community Church to help promote and share events.