Passion over Profit

Passion Over Profit is a newly birthed non-profit who desire to create safe transitional housing for returning soldiers and cultivate lasting change in how homeless citizens are seen & treated in America.

Love, Language & Childcare

Love, Language & Childcare, LLC is a home-based daycare that specializes in developing strong speech and language skills in infants and toddlers.

Thoughtfully Magazine

Created for a fresh, eco-lifestyle magazine that's inspiring readers to live thoughtfully in all aspects of life.

THMS Arts Adventures

Created for the Thomas Harrison Middle School's Arts Adventures. The Art's Adventures is a series of weeks in which the school allows students to participate in a variety of creative, after-school workshops; culminating to a final arts exhibition and poetry slam where students display their work.

The Fight & The Fiddle

Created for The Fight & The Fiddle, an online literary magazine to be published by the Furious Flower Poetry Center

Harmony, Inc.

A logo for a D.C. based non-profit, Harmony, Inc. Their mission is to identify and address unmet needs in the community by connecting individuals with the resources they need to pursue their passions and to create solutions for social and economic change. 

This was one of the strongest designs.


Angel's Touch Hair Care

Created for Angel's Touch Hair Care.

Guitar Logotype

Guitar logotype created for a print communications class.